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The Aim of the course is to;

To increase the knowledge of the delegates to the requirements of these regulations and help them develop an action plan to enable those requirements to be met.

Course Duration

½ Day

The objectives of the course are to enable delegates to;

    Define the terms competent person for planning lifting operations, competent person for thorough examination of lifting equipment, lifting equipment, lifting accessory,       lifting plan and examination scheme.

    Develop a list of lifting equipment that they use, which is covered by this regulation.

    State the duties of the employer and self employed under these regulations.

    Carry out a risk assessment on lifting equipment that they control.

    Identify the special arrangements required for lifting equipment used for the lifting of persons.

    State the requirements relating to marking of lifting equipment they control.

    Provide an example of a lifting plan on lifting equipment that they control.

    State the examination, inspection and reporting requirements of this legislation.


Who we recommend attends the course?

Anybody who supervises the use or uses lifting equipment.

L.O.L.E.R Regulations course summary;

Candidates will participate in theory lessons, discussions and practical examinations.

    Introduction to the syllabus and reasons for training.

    Relevant legal requirements and published guidance material.

    The types of lifting equipment and operations covered by these Regulations

    Suitability of lifting equipment

    Risk assessment in relation to lifting equipment

    Lifting equipment used for lifting persons

    Marking of lifting equipment

    Organisation of lifting operations

    Development of a lifting plan

    Thorough examination and inspection requirements

    Reports and records


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